E-commerce is the use of computing and communication technologies in commerce between some or all parts of a business and its customers.

Role of AI in

AI in ecommerce techniques is extensively used in the development of e-commerce systems also. The field of e-commerce can be classified as B2C e-commerce and B2B e-commerce, in terms of AI techniques involved in this field.


Growth in output


Reduction in downtime for corrective actions


Enhancement in operational efficiency

Artificial Intelligence (ai) in Different Types of E-Commerce

Most of the online purchases start with the search. The search results should be relevant and according to the keywords. Else the user will look somewhere else for the Artificial Intelligence products. The text-based searches return a list of items that include those keywords in the title name and the description.

AI in B2C E-Commerce

In B2C e-commerce products, AI in ecommerce is used primarily for product selection and recommendation, negotiation, auctions, solving real-world scheduling problems and enhancing servers’ scalability, generating automated responses, and decisions on bundling and pricing of goods, etc. In B2B e-commerce, AI is used mainly for the supply chain management.

AI in B2B E-Commerce

SCM is the key factor for successful B2B markets. As a result, it is the key for B2B e-commerce also. The rise of e-commerce has further heightened the importance of SCM (supply chain management) as companies re-engineer processes as they are moved online.

AI in product selection and recommendation

Artificial Intelligence products are used in advising the users on the items they want to examine or purchase through the Internet. This kind of advice is necessary because there are no real persons to advise the customers on the Internet. This advice is helpful in navigating a large range of product descriptions.

AI in Inventory Management for E-Commerce

The predictive analysis of data science services is making a huge impact on inventory management. The machine learning algorithm can predict the future demand for the product based on the history data.

AI in Systematic Sales Process for E-commerce

Artificial Intelligence products applications are used by E-commerce retailers to gather data patterns and to generate powerful insight from the data. Businesses intelligence can improve sales or marketing in e-commerce by using historical data and data-driven feedback.